eBay Lessons I am not just a teacher of eBay, but the very first and most experienced. It was whilst I was teaching antiques and collectables that I first stumbled across eBay. Being non-technical my first reaction was to ignore it. However, I soon realised that this auction site, which gives everyday people access to the global market, had to be mastered. I urged my students to embrace eBay but became aware of a climate of fear. Eureka! I decided to create a hands-on course to show non-technical people how to use eBay. I met with eBay managers and persuaded them to back me in the creation of 'eBay for Technological Simpletons'. The course, which was presented at Bath and Birmingham Universities, caused a media frenzy. The first classes were filmed for Tonight with Trevor MacDonald and I was invited onto the Richard & Judy Show. I was interviewed for Radio 4s In Business. From there it was just a small step to writing my first book, eBay for Beginners followed by An Introduction to eBay for the Older Generation. (Call to order). Denman College (01865 391991) and Dillington House (01460 52427) offer the eBay course (day courses or two day stays) and will welcome your enquiries. Anyone seeking tailored courses are welcome to get in touch for individual (or small group) tuition to be arranged at a time and place to suit you. It is possible to combine a Bed & Breakfast stay with eBay tuition to enjoy a refreshing break with a learning focus. Lessons cover: Tour of the Site Feedback PayPal Getting Organised Finding What you Want Bidding & Paying Preparing to Sell Perfect Pictures Create Your Auction Finishing the Sale Issy Website Design