Dynamic Dating DVD - the Guide to Dating British Ceramics For Lovers of Antique Fairs & Car Boot Sales You are just 45 minutes away from expertise! Buy your copy now - only £14.90 (Opening offer Free P&P) Marks were put on ceramics for various reasons but collectively they work as an intriguing code that, once cracked, enables you to date pieces, either approximately - or to the month of the year of production. In this entertaining lesson you will learn all about these marks and understand how they came to be there, and why they ceased to be used. The history is fascinating! Dynamic Dating is the unique guide to dating British ceramics using their marks. It was created from three lessons in Cherry Nixon's acclaimed course 'Learn About Antiques & Collectables' that she regularly presented at Bath University and other educational establishments. Professionally produced, Dynamic Dating was filmed in various fine locations in the West of England and contains a wealth of empowering information. You will learn how to use: Design registration marks Laws affecting marks Makers & retailers marks Other useful marks Wartime marks Ciphers & codes This information is enlightening for people who enjoy antique fairs and car boot sales, and will even allow you to cast a fresh eye on the things that your currently own. You are wasting your time at fairs and sales without this knowledge. Fascinating for collectors - essential for dealers! Dynamic Dating makes a superb present. The best gift of all is knowledge.
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