Antiques & Collectables I trained as a teacher of adults (PGCE) in 1994. I gained my original degree in Politics and Sociology at Bristol University in the 1970s but felt my knowledge was not sufficiently current to teach either of these subjects. Instead I decided to follow my heart and teach antiques and collectables. There was no such course on offer so I decided to create my own. I started out by creating a handful of lessons that I presented at Somerset College of Arts & Technology. The course proved popular with students and supplied the motivation to expand it and offer it to other educational establishments. These include Bath and Birmingham Universities, Somerset College of Arts & Technology, Strode College, Weston College, Urchfont Manor, Denman College and Dillington House. I also offer involving and entertaining Management Training Sessions that inform as well as fascinate. Intriguing and inclusive, they are the most cost effective bonding exercises in the country. From the very start I was committed to the experiential route. The lessons are superbly resourced with early porcelain and old drinking glasses etc, and offer students a rare opportunity to handle and examine a range of antique and collectable items. Aspiring dealers regularly attend the courses as they recognise an opportunity to gain real knowledge. The course was eventually embraced by Bath University where it was presented each autumn as a 10 week course, then later offered as a summer school. The slide assisted lectures include: The Fascinating Story of English Porcelain Early English Drinking Glasses Victorian Press Moulded Glass Twentieth Century Animal Collectables Mission Impottable the development of English ceramics Hands-on sessions include: Car Boot Sale involving valuation quiz Old Boxes What is it? Issy Website Design